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Honored Alumni

Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a fraternity built on great pride and a tradition of excellence, and our many distinguished alumni have served to enhance this throughout the years. Arizona Alpha has seen many brothers rise to positions of great respect since our founding at the University of Arizona.

The Hall of Fame was conceived as a way of honoring Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Arizona Alpha alumni for their outstanding achievements. Inductees are among a select group of alumni. This distinction honors brothers for their career achievements, service to the community, and dedication to the fraternity.

2002 Ceremony - Click to View PDF

Royers Drachman ’28    James Rogers ‘60

Robert Carter ’42          David Hannah ‘61

Fred Enke ’49               Donald Buddinger ‘63

Delbert Lewis ’50          Charles W. Hall III ‘64

Walton Roberson ’55   Peter Calihan ‘69

William West ’59          John Shadegg ‘72



2003 Ceremony - Click to View PDF

George Roundtree III ’55      Peter Salter ’62

Gary Cropper ’60                Richard Guzman ’63

Nick Balich ’60                    Terry Woods ‘66

Chuck Doubet ’62                Tome Henza ‘68



2007 Ceremony - Click to View PDF

Martin C. Lang ’57

John E. Gaskin ’63

Bryan M. Hartman ‘86



2005 Ceremony - Click to View PDF

John W. Murphy ’17        Brent C. Berge ’57

Robert N. Ewing ’47        Dr. Tom Russel ’61

Richard O’Riely ’48         Michael W. Cooper ’69

Craig M. Berge ’54         Allan C. Hudson ‘56